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Marduk (Swe) - Fuck Me Jesus [Re-release] - 1999

Fuck Me Jesus cover (Click to see larger picture)

Line Up:
Andreas Axelsson - Vocals
Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson - Guitar
Rickard Kalm - Bass
Joakim Gothberg - Drums

First reissue of the demo on CD and 7", the latter limited to 700 copies.

Reissued in 1999 with three bonus tracks:
6. Dark Endless (rerecorded) [3:52]
7. In Conspiracy with Satan (Bathory cover) [2:17]
8. Woman of Dark Desires (Bathory cover) [4:30]
"Dark Endless" is from the
Opus Nocturne sessions, while the Bathory
covers were recorded for the
In Conspiracy with Satan tribute.

Reissued on 10" vinyl in 2006 by Osmose Productions, limited to 500 copies.

Cover :
Upper = 1995 re-release version
Lower = 1999 re-release version
1.Intro: Fuck Me Jesus00:38
2.Departure from the Mortals03:19
3.The Black...04:05
4.Within the Abyss03:39
5.Outro: Shut Up and Suffer00:59
Total playing time12:40



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