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Marduk (Swe) - Blood Puke Salvation - 2006

Blood Puke Salvation cover (Click to see larger picture)
DVD, Regain Records
October 19th, 2006

2 professionally filmed concerts recorded in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and
Antwerpen (Belgium), both in december 2004. Bonus features: videoclips,
photo-gallery, interviews (Morgan and Mortuus), behind the scenes footage and
rare handycam footage of the 2004/2005 Deathmarch tours.
2.The Hangman of Prague03:28
3.Burn My Coffin04:45
4.With Satan and Victorious Weapons03:32
5.Perish in Flames07:14
6.Slay the Nazarene03:12
7.Sulphur Souls05:49
8.Panzer Division Marduk03:14
9.The Black...03:12
11.Bleached Bones05:46
12.On Darkened Wings04:30
13.Throne of Rats03:21
15.The Black03:59
16.Bleached Bones05:31
17.Throne of Rats03:27
18.World Funeral03:31
19.Slay the Nazarene03:08
20.Sulphur Souls05:45
21.Panzer Division Marduk03:37
22.Throne of Rats (video clip)02:24
23.Steel Inferno (video clip)02:43
24.The Hangman of Prague (video clip)03:05
Total playing time01:30:34


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