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Venom - Welcome to Hell - 1981

Welcome to Hell cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Neat
January 12th, 1981


Conrad "Cronos" Lant - Bass & Vox
Jeff "Mantas" Dunn - Guitars
Tony "Abaddon" Bray - Percussion

The Combat CD pressing (Cat.-No. 88561-8032-2) has "In Nomine Satanas" (3:28)
and "Bursting Out" (2:56) as bonus tracks.
The 2002 re-release by Castle Music / Sanctuary (Cat.-No. CMRCD471) came as a
slipcase CD and included the following bonus tracks:
12. Angel Dust [Lead Weight version] (3:03)
13. In League With Satan [7" Version] (3:31)
14. Live Like An Angel [7" Version] (3:54)
15. Bloodlust [7" version] (2:59)
16. In Nomine Satanas [7" version] (3:29)
17. Angel Dust [demo] (3:10)
18. Raise The Dead [demo] (3:29)
19. Red Light Fever [demo] (4:51)
20. Welcome To Hell [demo] (4:57)
21. Bitch Witch [outtake] (3:08)
22. Snots Shit [outtake] (2:06)

Earmark (sublabel on Sanctuary) reissue (2003) on PicLP, no bonus tracks.
1.Sons of Satan03:38
2.Welcome to Hell03:15
4.Mayhem With Mercy00:58
6.Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)03:59
7.Witching Hour03:40
8.One Thousand Days in Sodom04:36
9.Angel Dust02:43
10.In League With Satan03:35
11.Red Light Fever05:14
Total playing time39:45

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