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Venom - The Seven Gates of Hell - Singles 1980-1985

The Seven Gates of Hell - Singles 1980-1985 cover (Click to see  larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, rough trade GmbH (Sanctuary)
January 13th, 2003

Includes all Venom EPs and singles that were released through Neat Records in
the eighties, excluding 'assault EPs'.

Also a double LP released by Earmark Records exists. Tracklist on that album
Side A: 1 - 5
Side B: 6 - 10
Sice C: 11 - 14
Side D: 15 - 18

Includes also an essay written by John Ticker which has information about band's
early history and releases that are presented on this compilation.
1.In League With Satan03:30
2.Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil03:48
4.In Nomine Satanas03:24
5.Die Hard (12" Version)03:03
6.Acid Queen02:28
7.Bursting Out02:57
8.Warhead (12" Version)05:56
9.Lady Lust02:45
10.Seven Gates Of Hell05:26
11.Manitou (12" Version)04:39
12.Dead Of The Night04:05
14.Nightmare (12" Version)03:51
17.Witching Hour04:16
18.Teacher's Pet / Poison / Teacher's Pet07:59
Total playing time01:09:44


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