martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Venom - Official Bootleg - 1986

Official Bootleg cover (Click to see larger picture)
Live album, Cleopatra

Released on 12 inch LP by American Phonograph in 1986

Re-released on CD (Cat.-No. CDTL 004) by Magnum Music Group / American
Phonograph in 1987.
1.Leave Me In Hell04:18
2.Countess Bathory04:36
3.Die Hard04:07
4.Seven Gates of Hell07:45
5.Buried Alive03:12
6.Don't Burn the Witch03:02
7.In Nomine Satanas05:33
8.Welcome to Hell04:46
10.Stand Up And Be Counted08:11
Total playing time57:10

Descarga pt 1
Descarga pt 2

El pass : sancocho

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