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Venom - In Memorium - 1993

In Memorium cover (Click to see larger picture)

Best of/Compilation, Music Club

Title supposed to be Latin but incorrect. Should actually be "In Memoriam"

A different edition with a slipcase, and the same cover picture (but in
different color and without the label logo) does exist. It was released by
'Music Collection' in UK.

Deadline re-issued this compilation in 1998 with a different cover.

* Previously unreleased tracks. All four songs are exclusive to this

Original sound recordings made by:
Neat Records (Tracks 5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14)
Filmtrax (Track 9)
Music For Nations (Track 16)
Beardawn (Tracks 1,2,3,4,10,15,17,18)
1.Angel Dust (Demo, 1980)03:14
2.Raise The Dead (Demo, 1980)03:09
3.Red Light Fever (Demo, 1980)02:22
4.Buried Alive04:13
5.Witching Hour03:35
6.At War With Satan05:29
9.Under A Spell03:23
10.Nothing Sacred *04:32
11.Dead Love *03:18
12.Welcome To Hell03:11
13.Black Metal03:42
14.Countess Bathory (Live)04:48
15.1000 Days In Sodom04:32
16.Prime Evil04:29
17.If You Wanna War *04:34
18.Surgery *03:45
Total playing time01:08:41


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