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Unlastiath - Dreaming into the Infernal Possession - 2007

Dreaming into the Infernal Possession cover (Click to see larger  picture)
Full-length, Independent

All music, cover, armos, axes, logo, photo, lyrics, vocals and chorus was
created, made, written, composed, arranged, recorded, engineered, mixed,
mastered and produced by BigOlaf in BigOlaf Cave.

Recorded between two weeks, mixed and mastered into unholy wednesday and friday,
two thousand seven years after Satan's triumph crucifying the song of God.

Printed in Norway.
1.Unlastiath - Unlastiath Speaks Under Attack03:50
2.In Nomine Satanis04:11
3.Dreaming Into The Infernal Possession05:32
4.Pact With Satan02:45
5.Moon Light My Way To Hell - Macabre Entourage (Tribute To Euronymous)05:00
6.Satanic Black Metal05:09
7.Satan's Throne (Live)04:34
8.Black Serenade05:25
9.Lord Of Destruction03:05
10.Outro - Fuck Fake Black Metal03:23
Total playing time42:54

Unlastiath - dreaming into the infernal possession.rar

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  1. muchisimas gracias por este trabajaso que me hace falta gracias mil gracias