viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Evol (Ita) - Ancient Abbey - 1998

Ancient Abbey cover (Click to see larger picture)
EP, Adipocere Records
February 17th, 1998

Released as AR 044
Giordano Bruno - keyboards and vocals
Suspiria - female vocals
Samael von Martin - electric and acoustic guitars
Demian de Saba - drums
T-Rex - bass
1.The Tale of the Witchlord (Chapter I: The Gathering, Chapter II: The Sabbath, Chapter III: The Apparition)10:51
2.Ancient Abbey (Thunder Remix)06:05
3.Das gemiedene Schloß04:01
5.Prologue (Waiting for His Coming) original demo version02:47
Total playing time27:49


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