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Bitru - Evil Slayers of Hell - 2004

Evil Slayers of Hell cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, Morbillus Records
July 2004

Line up:
Avernal Sitri Moon: Guitars and voices.
Fornicvs Obcenum: Drums and screams.
Alther Nefastous: Bass

All the lyrics by Avernal Sitri Moon.
Voices in "Rituals, fire, copulations" with Fornicvs Obcenum.
Recorded and mastered in "ATOM" Audio recording studio.
Cali - Colombia.
1.Intro (Satan Life In Your Self)02:18
2.Waiting My Darkness04:31
3.Evil Slayers Of Hell04:43
4.Infernal Storm04:39
5.Rituals, Fire, And Satanic Copulations04:30
6.Outro (The Satanic Art Of Metal Maniacs)02:00
Total playing time22:41


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