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Unleashed (Swe) - Where No Life Dwells

Where No Life Dwells cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Century Media
May 1st, 1991

Johnny Hedlund - Bass, vocals
Fredrik Lindgren - Lead guitars
Anders Schultz - Drums
Thomas Olsson - Rhythm guitars

Recorded at the Woodhouse Studios in Dortmund, Germany in April 1991
Produced by Waldemar Sorychta
Engineered by Siggi Bemm
Executive producer: Robert Kampf
Photography by Jens Schmidt

Re-released in 2001 as a compilation with the "...And the Laughter Has Died"
demo, with 18 tracks. On this rerelease, the order of tracks 1-11 are the same
as below, while tracks 12-18 are:
12. The Dark One (03:48)
13. If They Had Eyes (03:37)
14. Dead Forever (03:06)
15. Unleashed (03:24)
16. Where Life Ends (04:51)
17. The Utter Dark Revenge (03:43)
18. Violent Ecstasy (03:18)

LP re-released in 2010 by Century Media as a box containing the vinyl, CD and a
1.Where No Life Dwells00:46
2.Dead Forever03:00
3.Before the Creation of Time03:48
4.For They Shall Be Slain03:19
5.If They Had Eyes03:52
6.The Dark One03:39
7.Into Glory Ride03:20
8....and the Laughter Has Died03:21
10.Violent Ecstasy03:13
11.Where Life Ends04:58
Total playing time36:49


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