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Unleashed (Swe) - ....Revenge - 1990

....Revenge cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, Independent
September 1990

Anders Schultz - Drums
Fredrik Lindgren - Guitar
Johnny Hedlund - Bass, Vocals
Robert Senneb�ck - Vocals, Guitar

Recorded in 28-29/09/90, as the first demo sold around 3000 copies.
Also released as a single by CBR in October, 1990 limited to 800 copies.

Tracks 2 and 3 would be re-recorded for the "Where No Life Dwells" album. The
songs would in between also appear on the "Century Media" sampler/promo tape in,
once again, different versions.
1.The Utter Dark Revenge03:46
3.Where Life Ends05:23
Total playing time12:35


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