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Besatt - Sacrifice for Satan - 2004

Sacrifice for Satan cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Undercover Records
January 2004

Cat. nr. - UCR CD 21

Beldaroh - Bass
Fulmineus - Drums, Vocals
Agonus - Guitar

First track with guest vocals of Roman Kostrzewski from legendary Heavy Metal
and later first Polish Black Metal band KAT.

LP edition limited to 500 copies from Undercover Records contains bonus track
"To Walk The Infernal Fields" (Darkthrone Cover).

4. Fallen Angel
5. The Kingdom of Hatred
6. The Circle of Disdain
7. Spiritual Explosion
8. Hellish Whispers
1.Gloria Causa Satani07:23
2.Toast of Victory05:33
3.Time for Gathering05:03
4.Fallen Angel05:34
5.The Kingdom of Hatred03:07
6.The Circle of Disdain02:49
7.Spiritual Explosion04:38
8.Hellish Whispers06:18
Total playing time40:24

Besatt.2004 -

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