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Unleashed (Swe) - Hammer Battalion - 2008

Hammer Battalion cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, SPV
June 9th, 2008


Johnny - Bass & Vocals
Fredrik - Lead Guitar
Tomas - Rhythm Guitar
Anders - Drums

Engineered and produced by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios in Stockholm
Jan-Feb 2008. Mastered by Peter in de Betou at Tailor Maid productions 2008.
Photos by Mikael Silkeberg. Artwork and design by Sebastian Ramstedt.

Release dates:
June 6: Germany
June 9: rest of Europe
June 10: USA / Canada
1.The Greatest of All Lies03:22
2.Long Before Winter's Call03:51
3.Your Children Will Burn02:57
4.Hammer Battalion03:29
5.This Day Belongs to Me02:38
6.Marching Off to War03:50
7.Entering the Hall of the Slain03:33
8.Black Horizon03:54
9.Carved in Stone03:19
10.Warriors of Midgard03:35
11.Midsummer Solstice03:06
12.Home of the Brave02:51
13.I Want You Dead04:03
Total playing time44:28

parte 1
parte 2 Descargar - Part2

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