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Besatt - In Nomine Satanas - 1997

In Nomine Satanas cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Pagan Black Cult, Dark Whisper
June 1997

Beldaroh - Bass
Fulmineus - Drums, Vocals
Weronis - Guitar
Creon - Guitar

- tape version by Pagan Black Cult
Re-released on tape by Hail Satan 666 Prod.
- CDr by Dark Whispers
- LP by Serpents Caput, limited to 500 copies (2004)
- digiCD by Seven Gates of Hell. Includes 2 bonus tracks, audio and video.
Limited to 500 copies (2004)
- also re-released on tape by Hammer of Damnation
2.Taste of the Nightly Prayers04:40
3.The Time of the Wolf06:41
4.My Religion04:06
5.The Devils Baptism05:24
6.Deadly Psalm04:36
7.Night Voice02:33
8.Chalice of Truth06:10
Total playing time35:58

Besatt - In Nomine Satanas.rar

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