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Lucera (Col) - Promo (2005)

Promo 2005 cover (Click to see larger picture)
Raw Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
War, genocide, colombian violence
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Colombia (Cali, Valle del Cauca) 1993 Bazuco Records Active
Current line-up
John "Unholywar" Mejía - Vocals (Millenium (Col))
Andrés "Buziraco" Granada - Guitars
Andrés "Ophicvs" Mejía - Keyboards, bass, guitars
Redneck Machete - Drums
Former/past member(s)
Julián Polanco - Drums
Carlos "Solrac Doom" Estrada - Vocals
Geovanny "Demolt " Arce (1994-1998) - Drums (Battle (Col), Atanab, Guahaihoque)
Additional notes
The band took a break in 1998, to return in 2005 recording a promo after 8 years of silence.

Relocated to the USA.
Demo, Unknown

1.Hell on Earth02:52
2.Colombian Disease03:30
3.Crimson Gardens, Mental Torture03:06
Total playing time09:28

Lucera - Promo 2005.rar

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