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Unleashed (Swe) - Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland - 1996

Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland cover (Click to see larger picture)
Live album, Century Media
November 19th, 1996

Tracks 1-11 were recorded live in Katowice (Poland), November 24th 1995 (Lead
Guitars: Fredrik Folkare)

Tracks 12-21 were recorded live in Cologne (Germany), April 24th 1992 (Lead
Guitars: Fredrik Lindgren)
1.Execute Them All03:23
2.The Immortals04:12
4.The Defender03:03
5.In the Name of God03:35
6.Against the World03:06
7.Victims of War04:31
8.Shadows in the Deep04:54
9.Before the Creation of Time03:57
11.Into Glory Ride03:33
12.Dead Forever03:06
13.If They Had Eyes03:43
14.For They Shall Be Slain03:18
16.The Immortals04:35
17.The Dark One03:45
18.Into Glory Ride04:04
19.Shadows in the Deep04:59
20.Violent Ecstasy03:11
21.Before the Creation of Time04:16
Total playing time01:18:23

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