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Jezabel (Col) - The Avernal Journey - 1999

The Avernal Journey cover (Click to see larger picture)

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Blasphemies, Hatred, Anti-Religious Themes
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Colombia (Pereira, Risaralda) 1996 Legion Of Death Records Split-up
Last known line-up
Mantus - Vocals, Guitars (1996 - ) (Nebiros (Col), Dantalian, Melej, Session in Manitu, Session in Maleficarum (Col), Gomory (Col))
Mannithou (Mario Aponte) (1999 - ) Bass, Drums, (Manitu, Maleficarum (Col), Aphangak, Profecia (Col), Tenebrarum (Col))

Live members:
Maleficiere Te Deum - (Live Bass Session) (Maleficarum (Col), Mysteriis (Col), Bass Session In Nebiros (Col), Session in Manitu, Satanachia (Col), Vajrah)
Former/past member(s)
Jhon Melej - Drums (1996 - 1999) (R.I.P. March, 1999, Murdered)
Additional notes
Jhon Melej was killed in 1999, causing Mannithou (from the band Manitu) to take up the drums as well.
Split, Manitu Records

Line Up (Jezabel):
Mantus - Guitars, Vocals.
Melej - Drums.
Mannithou - Bass.

Spilt Tape.
Dedicate to Melej's ex-drummer Jhon Melej (R.I.P. May 1999).
Only available in tape format.
Jezabel (Col)
1.The Gates Of Hell03:39
2.The Avernal Journey05:07
3.Living in Darkness04:11
4.False God03:59
5.To Renounce One's Faith04:55
6.King Melej05:17
7.Diabolical Forest06:11
Total playing time38:58


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