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Unleashed (Swe) - Midvinterblot - 2006

Midvinterblot cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, SPV
October 6th, 2006

Johnny Hedlund - Vocals/Bass
Fredrik Folkare - Guitar
Tomas Masgard - Guitar
Anders Schultz - Drums

Vinyl is limited to 1000 copies, first 333 copies in coloured vinyl (111 golden,
222 yellow/blue split vinyl, 667 black vinyl).
1.Blood of Lies02:14
2.This is Our World Now03:19
3.We Must Join With Him03:58
5.In Victory Or Defeat02:40
6.Triumph of Genocide03:12
7.The Avenger03:12
8.Salvation for Mankind02:54
9.Psycho Killer02:14
10.The Witch03:16
11.I Have Sworn Allegiance02:39
12.Age of the Warrior03:33
13.New Dawn Rising02:47
14.Loyalty and Pride03:09
15.Valhalla Awaits03:35
Total playing time46:27

parte 1
parte 2

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