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Unleashed (Swe) - Shadows in the Deep - 1992

Shadows in the Deep cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Century Media
May 1st, 1992

Johnny Hedlund - Vocals/Bass
Fredrik Lindgren - Guitar
Tomas Olsson - Guitar
Anders Schultz - Drums

Recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Dortmund, Germany in April 1992
Produced by Unleashed & Waldemar Sorychta
Engineered by Siggi Bemm
Logotype by Johan Hanson
Cover-art by Axel Hermann
Photos by Lutz Kampert
Cover by Claus C. Pitz

CD bonus track:
05. Countess Bathory (Venom cover) (04:02)
Total running time: 40:13

Reissued in 2001 on a single disc with Across the Open Sea. Reissued
again on its own in 2006 with bonus tracks.

2006 reissue bonus tracks:
11. The Final Silence (Live)
12. Bloodbath (Live)
13. Shadows In The Deep (Live)
14. Never Ending Hate (Live)
15. Onward Into Countless Battles (Live)
16. The Immortals (Live)
1.The Final Silence02:55
2.The Immortals04:23
3.A Life Beyond04:49
4.Shadows in the Deep05:02
5.Never Ending Hate02:33
6.Onward into Countless Battles04:15
7.Crush the Skull03:36
9.Land of Ice04:32
Total playing time36:14




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