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Besatt - Czarci Majestat (1996)

Czarci Majestat cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, self-released

Re-relased on tape by Hell is Here Prods, about 2007 year.

Re-released on CD in 2006 by Seven Gates Of Hell in 500 copies (200 in digipak,
300 in generic jewelcase) with the following tracklist:

1. Wieki Ciemne (The Dark Ages)
2. Zbuntowany Anio³ (Rebelious Angel)
3. Gniew Demona (Demon's Rage)
4. Sabat (Sabbath)
5. �wiête Ognie (The Hallowed Fires)
6. Apokalipsa (The Apocalypse)
7. B³êdny Dekalog (False Decalogue)
8. Ostatnia £za (The Last Tear)
9. Sarkofag (Sarcophagus)
10. Prorok (The Prophet)

Recording line-up:
Beldaroh: bass
Filmineus: drums, guitars, vocals
Weronis: guitar
1.Zbuntowany Anio³05:14
2.Gniew Demona03:46
4.Œwiête Ognie03:51
6.B³êdny Dekalog03:23
7.Ostatnia £za03:27
Total playing time28:38

2006 - Czarei Majestat (Remastered).rar

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