lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Infernal (Col) - Trilogy For Domination - Split 2007

Trilogy For Domination cover (Click to see larger picture)
Split, Azermedoth Records
December 2007

Infernal (Col)
1.Honouring Their Origins03:34
2.Sky Is Turning Black04:35
4.By the Side Of The Road03:14
5.Forces Flowing Down03:54
Ereshkigal (Mex)
6.Spells of Kur-un-gi-a05:50
9.Armaggedon (Bathory cover)02:53
Infernal Kingdom (Prt)
10.Beast Domains00:59
11.Spelling The Plagues Of Mighty King03:44
12.Demonic Visions, The Eyes Of Death04:04
13.Possessed By Infernal Acts03:47
Total playing time53:37

2007 - Trilogy For Domination.rar

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