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Veles & Legion - Blood On My Knife - 2004

Blood On My Knife cover (Click to see larger picture)
Split, No Colours Records
March 2004

Includes demos "The Triumph of Pagan Beliefs" (Veles) and "Blood on My Knife"

Both CD and vinyl limited to 666 handnumbered copies each.
1.Winds of the Vampires02:12
2.Majesty of War03:40
3.The Pact04:35
4.Forgotten Time - Honoured Custom03:53
5.Black Flames Spread Warfare05:49
Legion (Pol)
8.War Against Christianity03:09
9.The Forest of Werewolves03:56
10.Blood on My Knife03:23
11.Warriors of Fullmoon04:13
Total playing time39:26

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