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Mysteriis (Col) - Fullmoon Shadows (1997) Demo

Fullmoon Shadows cover (Click to see larger picture)
Demo, Sabbath Productions
October 31st, 1997

First track's full title is "On the dwelling dark of lost souls".
Some copies have 11 tracks:
10. Into the dark (Samael-"cover")
11. Outro
1.On The Dwelling Dark05:16
2.Legacy Of The Gods03:29
3.The Wine Of Immortality04:12
4.Nocturnal Princess04:02
5.Echoes From The Medieval Forest00:55
6.Lord Of Fullmoon Shadows05:17
7.Dream Of Obscurity03:34
8.Tale From Forest01:36
9.Southern Storm01:05
Total playing time29:26

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  1. Hails demons!!!

    I'm Gusthav Guitar of Mysteriis, I Just want to clarify that this Demo tape has been originally released with 11 tracks, if there's some copies with less tracks aren't original and the outro we called Witch hunt...

    you can find us also in:




  2. por favor seria es tan amable de resubirlo por mediafire gracias