martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Antagon (col) - Mental Pollution

Mental Pollution cover (Click to see larger picture)
Thrash/Death Metal
War, Society, Corruption, Selfishness
Origin Formed in

Colombia (Medellin) 1992

Last known line-up
Alejandro Restrepo - Guitar/Vocals (Typhon (Col))
José Fernando Muñoz - Guitar
David Guerrero - Drums/Backing Vocals
Luis Guillermo Ramírez - Bass

Demo, Self-financed

Re-released in CD including:
1. Paradise of Pain
2. Horrible Transition Time
1.Intro - Slave02:50
3.Mental Pollution04:12
4.Corrupt Fleshes03:29
5.Blood Legacy02:56
6.Shaped by Terror05:11
7.Act of Contriction05:16
Total playing time27:04

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