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Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches - 1996

In the Glare of Burning Churches cover (Click to see larger  picture)
Demo, Withing Hour Productions
May 1993

All material was recorded in Isengard Studio in 1993.
Darken - Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Capricornus - Drums

Re-released in 1996 on CD by No Colours Rec. with 3 bonus tracks:
* Instrumental 03:34
* Hordes of Empire 04:15
* The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness / Outro 06:17
Re-released in 1996 on 2xLP limited to 500 copies with extended version of "The
Celtic Winter".
Re-released in 1999 on CD with demo "Epilogue" by No Colours Rec.
Re-released on tape by Oriana/Kolovrat Prod.
Re-released in 2008 on LP limited to 666 copies (first 100 on red vinyl) by
Darkland Rec.
Re-released in 2009 on CD by Forever Plagued Rec.This release contains the
alternative version of the demo that was released as a split with the "Epilogue"
demo in 1999, plus bonus material.
2.In the Glare of Burning Churches04:10
3.The Night of Fullmoon05:03
4.The Dark Dusk Abyss02:19
5.Through the Occult Veil04:03
6.For Pagan and Heretic's Blood02:44
Total playing time22:54

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