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Graveland - Necromanteion - 1992

Necromanteion cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, independent
January 1992

Necromanteion was a site that was believed to be the door to hades, the realm of
the dead. It means oracle of the death. People would go there to talk with their
late ancestors.

Re-released in 2009 on CD by Forever Plagued Rec. with "Promo June ´92" as a

Re-released in February 2010 by Strigoi Records on full pro tape limited to 300
handnumbered copies with Promo June '92 as bonus.
1.Intro / Necromanteion02:47
3.The Quest06:30
4.Opus Mysteries Nocturni03:54
5.Storm of Souls01:06
6.Celts Ride over Graveland06:16
7.Sword and Blood02:41
8.Who Dies First?05:12

Total playing time34:02


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