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Graveland - Creed of Iron - 2000

Creed of Iron cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, No Colours Records

The name "Creed Of Iron" comes from Ron McVan's Wotansvolk book, also titled
"Creed Of Iron".

Polish lyrics/vocals version entitled "Prawo Stali" released in 2001 by Nawia
Productions on CD (ltd. to 500 copies) and MC.

1. Krew i Popió³ (2:32)
2. Tyrani okrucieñstwa (10:21)
3. Nie ma mi³osierdzia w moim sercu (9:30)
4. Staro¿ytna krew (11:24)
5. Bia³e bestie Swaroga (10:46)

Digipak version is limited to 2000 copies.
LP version is limited to 500 copies.
Tape release on Night Birds Records limited to 300 copies.

Recorded at Eastclan Studio and DSP Studio.

Re-mastered version released by No Colours Records in 2009 including the "Raise
Your Sword!" EP. Formats: "Creed of Iron/Prawo Stali" double CD (500
handnumbered copies), "Creed of Iron" A5 CD (200 handnumbered copies) and normal
jewelcase version.

Darken - vocal, guitars, bass...
1.Blood and Ash02:34
2.Tyrants of Cruelty10:19
3.No Mercy in My Heart09:29
4.Ancient Blood11:19
5.White Beasts of Wotan10:44
Total playing time44:24


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