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Christ Agony - Trilogy - 1998

Trilogy cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Pagan Records
April 1st, 1998

Cezar - Guitars, lead vocals
Jaro - Bass, backing vocals
Gilan - Drums
Mark - Special guest - drums programming and keyboards

Trilogy recorded at Selani Studio, Olsztyn, Poland, November '97
Engineered by Andy Bomba & Cezar
Produced by Cezar & Andy Bomba
Lyrics & music by Cezar
Cover art by Kris Lutostañski
Pictures by Mariusz Maciej Rodziewicz
Design by Jacek Wiœniewski

Epitaph Of Christ recorded at Pro-Studio, Olsztyn, March '92
Engineered by Ryszard Szmit
Produced by Ryszard Szmit/Christ Agony
Music by Christ Agony
Lyrics by Cezar

Tracks 8-11 are bonus taken from "Epitaph of Christ" demo.
1.Spell of Death02:49
3.Eternal Desires05:33
4.Hail Darkness!03:02
5.Dying Star02:16
8.Unvirtue Diabolical08:04
11.Prophetical part III06:58
Total playing time52:54


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