viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Graveland - Following the Voice of Blood - 1997

Following the Voice of Blood cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, No Colours Records

Pro-done tape released by Eastclan. Re-released in 2001 by Oriana / Kolovrat on
normal tape w/ pro-cover.

Re-released in 2001 as 2xLP with
The Impaler's Wolves as bonus.

Recorded between 25 of September and 18 of December 1996 and mixed in days 23-24
of December 1996 in Wroclaw Studio.

Darken - vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard
Capricornus - drums (session)
2.White Hand's Power08:33
4.Following the Voice of Blood09:05
5.Forge of Souls02:31
6.Raise the Swords12:14
7.And the Horn Was Sounding Far Away11:56
8.Fed by the Beasts09:29
Total playing time01:08:09

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