domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Bundeswehra - Necro Spell / King's Return - 1993

Necro Spell / King's Return cover (Click to see larger picture)

Split, Warmaster Records

Included 2 band-posters and a sheet.
2.Epitaph I02:36
3.King's Return06:00
4.March To Totenhorn04:46
5.Hymn To Slaves02:39
6.Epitaph II03:05
Nergal (Che)
7.Necro Spell04:59
8.Rite Of Beltaine04:24
9.Summoning The Watchers (Of The Four Quarters)05:02
10.Fountain (In Eternal Halls)03:05
Total playing time39:13

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