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Christ Agony - Condemnation - 2008

Condemnation cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Razor Productions
November 15th, 2008

Christ Agony :
Cezar - Lord ov Satanic Rites, Voice & Infernal Guitars
Icanraz - Unholy Drums Ov Hell
Reyash - Back Hovling & Bass Christmurder
Recorded at Studio X Olsztyn
18-24.04 & 11-14.07.2008
Engineered & mixed by Szymon Czech
All music & lyrics by Cezar
Except lyrics "Temptation Ov Lost" by Cezar & Lady Sati
Intros "Prologomena" & "Lost" by Þ - Lux Occulta, "Tzelem H Chiva" &
"Avich H Meletz" by Rav Xela - ViaoV
Cover & Layout by Kaos
Produced by Szymon Czech

Cezar dedicated album in memory of His Mother Elizabeth 1945 - 2007
1.Devil's Invocation06:06
2.Psalm Ov Livia Khao'tsu04:48
3.Condemnation p.I04:17
4.Temptation Ov Lost06:13
7.Condemnation p.II04:15
8.Cult Domination05:38
9.The LeviThan'Suite12:13
10.Purgatory Beast02:20
Total playing time55:50


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