martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Levifer - Tribute to the Supreme Beast - 2000

Tribute to the Supreme Beast cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, D.A.P.
December 2000

Levifer: rhythm, lead guitars,bass,vocals
Jose: drums

Recorded in 1999-2000
Mixed and Mastered in 2000

Re-released in 2006 on Pic-LP limited to 500 copies by Devil's Arts Prod./Crush
Until Madness Rec. with 2 bonus tracks:
8. Cursed By The Evil Eye
9. War God Of Vengeance
1.Evocated Goat (Intro)00:59
2.From the Depths, I Invoked You05:10
3.Majesty's Kingdom03:14
4.My Lord of Darkness04:12
5.Black's Soldiers06:13
7.Infernal Crypt03:19
Total playing time28:08

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