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Absurd (Deu) - Blutgericht [2005]

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Christianity, German Mythology, War, NS
Origin: Germany (Sonderhausen, Thuringia)
Formed in 1992

Full-length, Nebelfee Klangwerke
April 5th, 2005

Available in a normal jewel case version and in a Digibox version limited to
3,000 copies.

Released in 2005 by W.T.C. Productions on vinyl:
Picture LP limited to 500 copies (with gatefold cover).
Regular gatefold LP: First 111 on white wax, 222 copies on red wax and the rest
in black wax. Every version comes with the poster.


1.Gottloses Mordgesindel05:45
4.Die Galgenbrüder04:32
5.Der Henker03:55
6.Sturm bricht los03:26
7.Die Freiheitskämpfer03:33
9.Totentanzlied aus Flandern05:01
Total playing time40:28

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