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Absurd (Deu) - Raubritter [Ep 2004]

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Christianity, German Mythology, War, NS
Origin: Germany (Sonderhausen, Thuringia)
Formed in 1992

EP, Nebelfee Klangwerke

Released as 7" and picture 7" by Christhunt Productions. Both are limited to 500

Line-up on this release:
Wolf - vocals
Tormentor - guitar, bass
Herr Rabensang - drums


The CD version by Nebelfee Klangwerke has the same two bonus tracks as the vinyl
version of "Wolfskrieger":

5. Permafrost [3:46]
6. As the Fullmoon Disappears [2:08]

2.Green Heart01:53
3.Über Die Weiten Midgards03:24
4.Die Rote Rune05:38
Total playing time14:12

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