martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Absurd (Deu) - Death from the Forest [Demo 1993]

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Christianity, German Mythology, War, NS
Origin: Germany (Sonderhausen, Thuringia)
Formed in 1992

Demo, self-released
January 1st, 1993

1.God's Death (Grave Version)01:49
2.Ashes To Ashes03:48
3.Cannibal Lust00:28
4.Last Breath (Shortened Version)05:07
5.Eternal Winter04:30
7.The Gates Of Heaven04:21
8.Green Heart01:35
9.Vampire (Tomb Version)02:44
11.Böse (Extended Version)01:54
Total playing time31:18

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