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Absurd (Deu) & Pantheon (US) - Wolfskrieger / Galdur Vikodlaks [Split 2002]

Split, Nebelfee Klangwerke

Absurd (Deu) Is:
Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Christianity, German Mythology, War, NS
Origin: Germany (Sonderhausen, Thuringia)
Formed in 1992

Pantheon (US) Is:
NS Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
National Socialism, Mythology, War
Origin: United States of America (Tucson, Arizona)
Formed in 1993

Music and lyrics of "Wolfskrieger" by Absurd 1992-2002.
Music and lyrics of "Galdur Vikodlaks" by Pantheon 1997-1998.

Re-released in 2005 by W.T.C. Production on LP limited to 500 copies (first 100
on mottled vinyl) with two ABSURD bonustracks ("Permafrost" and "As the
Fullmoon Disappears") and different cover art and poster. Some versions of the
LP came with two inner sleeves (one of Absurd and one of Pantheon) and some only
with the Absurd inner sleeve.

Re-released in 2006 by Strong Survive Records on digipack with different cover

All versions contain the complete version of "Venomous Magick". The original CD
version of "Galdur Vikodlaks" released by D.T.B Records/Fenriz Wolf contains an
incomplete version that skips.


Absurd (Deu)
1.Für Germanien03:47
3.Der Grosse Tod02:37
4.Triumph of Death02:02
5.Colours of Autumn01:53
6.Death from the Forest02:24
7.Son of the Endless Night02:43
Pantheon (USA)
9.Det Rase Elig Hygiensk Kanon04:28
10.The Atavism into Ginnungagap04:55
11.Drepe Tretten05:06
12.Samael Auxiliator05:27
13.Venomous Magick03:19
Total playing time45:34

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