jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Vlad Tepes (Fra) - March to the Black Holocaust Split 1995

Originally issued by Embassy Productions in 1995 on tape and CD. The CD was
limited to 1000 handnumbered copies. The Embassy edition cat.no is CDV TE02.

Reissued by Tragic Empire with slightly different artwork. The Tragic Empire
edition cat.no. is TE007.
Vlad Tepes (Fra)
1.Wladimir's March01:37
2.Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands04:19
3.In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness02:22
4.Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple12:20
5.Dans Notre Chute00:31
6.Misery Fear & Storm Hunger04:10
7.Diabolical Reaps03:30
8.Under the Carpathian Yoke04:14
10.A Day Will Dawn03:25
12.Last Sigh of God01:58
13.Night of Sadness04:10
15.Those of Our Blood04:01
16.If We Had...01:01
Total playing time01:00:00


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