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Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis [2008]

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Occultism, Sadism
France (Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
Formed in 1995

Aside from being highly anticipated this is an incredibly sophisticated piece of
artwork: embossed slip case with UV lacquering on pictures + silver ink + 20
page booklet.
Also released on tape and LP on Apparitia Recordings.

1.She's Dead (Valse Funeste de Decomposition)05:33
2.A Plaintive Cry Merely Echo05:12
3.Admirable Eros Abstraction04:20
4.A Regrettable Misinterpretation of Mournfulness06:33
5.Death of the Lizard Queen (Necro Phaanthasma)07:21
6.Morbid Romance (Arcana VI Revisitae)04:52
7.The Seed of Negation (Abnegativia Rejections)04:27
8.Frigidiis Apotheosia (Dormant Rests of Raped Necrosia)05:59
Total playing time44:17


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