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Maniac Butcher - Masakr [2010]

Maniac Butcher - Masakr [2010]
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Battles, Satanism, Victory
Origin: Czech Republic (Zatec)
Formed in 1992

MANIAC BUTCHER are back after a 10 year hiatus with their 7th full length album.
Ruthless and savage black metal that spits at the cross!

MANIAC BUTCHER have reformed after a ten year hiatus and have recorded an new album that is now available.
The full length entitled "Masakr" contains six new tracks of orthodox black metal.
Raw and heavy guitars pound out riff after riff of furious evil energized by aggressive drumming and completed with a violent wave of harsh distorted dirty vocals that tell the epic tale of Maniac Butcher.
The overall sound on Masakr is monstrous.
This album is by far the most professionally produced MANIAC BUTCHER album to date yet still captures the raw and underground feeling of previous albums.

MANIAC BUTCHER are the longest running true black metal band from Czech.
Since the early 90's they have maintained their motto "No keyboards!! No female vocals!! Only pure black metal storm!!" which forged their straight forward and ruthless sound.

1. Desatero krutych zim prezitych v teple zhnouci zare slavy minule 06:55
2. Projizdka hvozdem hlubokym za oucelem scitani stavuch vlkuch a vlkodlakuch 04:24
3. Rozhodnuti nezvratne vsecken mir rozhodne rozvracejici 04:31
4. Bezbozne rouhani zpovedni před tazeni vojnoveho zapocetim 03:48
5. Masakr krvavy pro plneni zajmuch vyssich i rezniceni nadbytecne pro kojeni puduch nizkych 04:32
6. Zakonceni oudesne bezpoctum krutou jistotu slibujici, vsak mne bezpocet slibnych nejistot skytajici 05:34
Total playing time 29:44

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