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King Diamond - Fatal Portrait [1986]

Produced by King Diamond and Rune Höyer.
Assistant producer: Michael Denner
Engineered by Roberto Falcao.
Recorded and Mixed at ''Sound Track Studio'', Copenhagen, July - August 1985.

Released in many different versions, including the GOLD DISC special edition in
1997 with two extra songs, 'No Presents for Christmas' (4:11) and "The Lake".

Chart position:
Sweden: 33

King Diamond : Vocals
Michael Denner : Guitar
Andy LaRoque : Guitar
Timi Hansen : Bass
Mikkey Dee : Drums

"The Lake" is not on the original LP, though it was recorded in the same
session as the album ; it only appears as a bonus track on re-releases.
1.The Candle06:40
2.The Jonah05:16
3.The Portrait05:08
4.Dressed in White03:09
6.Lurking in the Dark03:34
8.Voices from the Past01:31
10.The Lake04:13
Total playing time41:55


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