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King Diamond - The Eye [1990]

Produced by Roberto Falcao, King Diamond and Andy La Rocque.
Mixed by Roberto Falcao and King Diamond.
Engineered by Roberto Falcao and Flemming Hansson.
Recorded and Mixed at ''Sweet Silence Studio'', Copenhagen, June - August

King Diamond : Vocals, keyboards
Andy LaRoque : Guitars
Hal Patino : Bass
Pete Blakk : Guitars
Snowy Shaw : drums

Roberto Falcao : Keyboards

Chart positions:
USA: 179
1.Eye of the Witch03:47
2.The Trial (Chambre Ardente)05:13
4.Two Little Girls02:41
5.Into the Convent04:48
6.Father Picard03:20
7.Behind These Walls03:46
8.The Meetings04:31
10.1642 Imprisonment03:31
11.The Curse05:44
Total playing time44:05


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